Thanks for believing in us; we couldn’t have done it without your support.
James Cook and the Roseander Main team
Don Komarechka
Hon. Col. Peter Lorimer
Jo-Anne MacDonald and the CFMWS team
Shaun Francis and the True Patriot Love team
General R.J. Hillier (ret’d)
Derek Sweeney
Karen Miller and the K.I.M. Inc. team
Katy McDevitt
Charles Pachter
John MacFarlane
Chris Korwin Kuzcynski
Preston Perry
Phillip and Kim Henderson
Brendan Caldwell
Margaret Anderson
Mary Santos
Sarah Evans
The Vimy Foundation
Steven Joyce and Paula Moore
David MacGillivray
Genevieve Bonin
Eduardo Almeida
Louis Anagnostakos
Brian and Kym Read
Tom Caldwell
Caldwell Securities
The Toronto Club
Anna Roque
Phil Coles